I am a compulsive writer who suffers from depression and anxiety; but I am also a mother and bread-winner, and therefore spend the majority of my days trying to pass as a calm, well-adjusted and organised human being.  Sometimes I am so good at this that I even convince myself.

I am officially and legally medicated, at all times; my upbeat personality brought to you by Citalopram. I cannot decide whether the medication frees me from my default state of fear and anxiety so that I can be myself, or whether it actually muffles my true feelings, morality and nature to turn me into a smiling robot.

I will endlessly philosophise about these things on my blog, along with other bees in my bonnet which are: the relationship between money and happiness, motherhood, the parenting of teenagers, feminism, abusive relationships, and single parenthood.

I blog because I like to write about these things, and because I want to hear the stories of others. If you like what you read, or have something to say about it, please leave a comment, I would love to hear from you.